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Message from the Fire Chief,
Now that Spring has arrived, I am sure that many residents are glad to see the end is in sight of a very long and cold winter.  Here at the fire station we are always anxious to see the signs of spring since the winter elements add many challenges to our jobs whether it be fire fighting or EMS calls.  Of course with the end of winter, spring cleaning will begin.  I would like to remind any residents that may need to burn yard debris to please stop by the fire station and pick up a burn permit.  These permits are free, list the guidelines for burning and are good for a 15 day period.  As always, we like to  remind everyone to be responsible whenever you start a fire. 
Another very important reminder is to make sure that the batteries in all smoke and CO detectors are replaced at the same time you change your clocks for Daylight Savings.  It is a proven fact that smoke detectors do help to save lives.  Please use them and check them regularly.  The Munson Fire Department does have smoke detectors on hand for any Senior Citizen residents that may need them.  If help is needed to get them installed, we can do that also. 
Another program we have is a Knox Box system. This is for residents who need special attention or may be ill and at home without someone else living with them. This program allows the residents to place a key in a Knox Box that temporally attaches to the prime door of your home.  Once a key is placed in the Knox Box, only the Fire Department can access that key.  If a loved one is at home alone and needs assistance we would be able to safely enter the home and provide the medical care or assistance they need. Knox Box is a national registered system that allows fire departments to safely gain entrance to businesses in their community. For more information please call me at 440-286-6797. There is a limited supply of these Knox Boxes.
Residents can also purchase the Green Reflective address signs that we recommend to be placed at the end of all driveways so that emergency responders can locate your address easily.  These signs can be purchased for $10.00 at the fire station. 
The Fire Department responded to a total of 1072 calls in 2013 and we are very proud to announce that two more of our firefighters have passed the state registry and are now State Certified Paramedics.  This brings the department total to 24 Paramedics on staff.  Congratulations to these young men.  Their dedication and hard work have paid off.
Recently Munson Fire Department applied for the State of Ohio EMS Grant.  This grant is available to purchase equipment and or training to EMS agencies in the State of Ohio.  The money is generated from fines and enforcement of seat belt laws.  In 2013 we were awarded $2,750.00.  This money was utilized to replace and update Spinal Immobilization products such as Backboards, Vacuum Splints and Vacuum Mattresses.  Last year University Hospitals Geauga also donated a Lucas Device to every fire department in Geauga County.  These devices cost around $13,000.00 and perform manual chest compressions for perfect CPR  any time and every time they are used.  They also free up personnel to perform any other medical needs and interventions.  Munson Fire Department is very grateful to have been the recipient of this device as it is a great benefit to our community.
Over the years our Fire Department has worked hard to provide the best service we can with the revenue we have and as always we appreciate you continued support.  If you need any help with home inspections, placement of smoke detectors or carbon monoxide monitors please feel free to call us at 440-286-6797.
Our office hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and as always our station is staffed 24 hours a day everyday to assist you.
*Safety doesn't happen by accident*

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