Burn Permit Regulations
Tue. Jun 16th 2015

Munson Fire Department

Burn Permits are Valid for 15 days

Available at the fire station between normal business hours. No Cost

Rules and Regulations

No wood over 3" in diameter.

Fire watch and attended until all fire and coals are extinguished.( must be over the age of 18 years old).

Burn pile shall not exceed 5'x5'x5' in size.

Form of extinguishment must be present, garden hose or extinguisher.

Location shall not be within 50' of any structure.

Supply a diagram on the back of the burn permit. Include area buildings and property lines.

High winds, Dry conditions, smoke and complaints may revoke or suspend burn permits. 


An alternative to burning is recycling. Two local area recyclers are Green Vision Materials, and MRLM, contact them see recycle your landscape debris.

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33 entries in the News

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