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Wed. Nov 7th 2012

We would like to thank the residents of Munson Township for the passing of the 2012 Fire Levy.

         Without your support the Fire Department nor the community would be what it is today.  We strive to provide the best service available, operating in safe and effeicint  manor. The residents and the diversity, make this a desired community to live in. Those of you that got out and voted, we appreciate your support. Thank you for supporting all of Munson Township services.


Election Results

  # 13 Fire Levy Renewal - Continuation

For                  2,344     Votes           62%

Against          1,441     Votes            38%

# 14 Streets, Bridges, and Roads - Renewal

For                   2420     Votes           63 %

Against           1417     Votes           36 %

Thank You, Fire Administration

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Have you or did you change your smoke detector batteries? ( The time change was 11/4 )

Please Have a Safe and Enjoyable Holiday Season.

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