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Wed. Oct 5th 2016
2016 Munson Fire Department Halloween

Munson fire Department will be providing Halloween Festivities on October 31, 2016. Doors open at 6 PM. Come enjoy Coffee, Do...

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Wed. Oct 5th 2016
Meet and Greet

Munson Fire Department will be holding a informational meet and greet on Saturday November 5 th at 9:00 AM.Information on cal...

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Sat. Sep 10th 2016
2015 FEMA Assistance to Fire Fighters Grant

It is with great pride we announce the Munson Fire Department has been awarded a grant from the Department of Homeland Securi...

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Welcome to Munson Township Fire Department


Department Profile

The members of our department would also like to welcome you to our new web site.  We are dedicated to serving and educating the residents of Munson Township, Ohio, USA, and all who access our web site.

The Munson Fire Department was organized in 1952.  While methods have certainly changed, the traditions and dedication established by pioneer firefighters continues to thrive in our department.  In 2008 we find the residents of Munson Township protected by a fully staffed department.  Munson Fire Department employs part-time and full time firefighters. The initial response area of Munson Township is twenty-five square miles contained within Geauga County.  In 1995 the Munson, Hambden and Chardon Fire Departments entered into an automatic aid agreement, which basically means that all three fire departments will respond automatically to emergency calls in each others jurisdictions.  Services provided by Munson Fire Department run a broad gamut limited only by your imagination.  Some of the more traditional responses are:  fires of any nature, emergency medical calls, rescues, various types of public assists, hazardous material.  We are active members of the Geauga County Hazardous Material Team, Geauga Dive/Rescue Team, and Geauga County Fire Investigation Unit.  Munson Fire Department has traditionally been on the leading edge in these areas.  A close relationship exists between Munson Fire Department and University Hospitals as our medical control center, but we have close relations with Hillcrest, Lake Hospitals, Cleveland Clinic, and Cleveland Metro Medical Center that insures prompt professional emergency medical care delivered to your door.

Each member must give 6 months of training time to become a State Certified Firefighter. EMT training requires an additional 130 hours of classroom time, 20 hours of emergency room training and completion of a National Registry Examination.  Advanced EMT’s require 140 classroom hours, 24 lab hours, 12 clinical hours, and 24 hours of field internship, and an additional 3 months of training.  Paramedics require an additional 670 hours of classroom instruction, 140 hours clinical training, and 100 hours of riding on a rescue squad of another fire department with certified Paramedics, a 1 year commitment.

Residents in Munson Township over the years have been very generous in supporting their Fire Department.  With the continued support of the residents and Township Trustees, the Fire Department’s goal is to enhance the delivery of services through quicker response to your calls. Residents are encouraged to stop by the firehouse to pay a visit, tour the facilities, and meet the members of the fire department.

The Munson Fire Department has a long history of service to the area. It is with a proud group of dedicated firefighters and medical technicians that we continue the traditions of the past. We also feel the obligation to look to the future in order to proactively protect the residents of Munson Township.

For more information about your Fire Department, call our non-emergency number 440-286-6797, or feel free to stop in for a visit at the station, 12200 Auburn Road.





Mission Statement:


     “To protect life and property within the limits of Munson Township by providing fire, emergency medical services, and public assistance.  To operate a safe, well organized managed structure which shall treat all members fairly and with the highest respect, for serving the community.”

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Munson Township Fire Department
12200 Auburn Rd
Munson Twp, OH 44024-9454
Non-Emergency: 440 286-6797
Emergency: 911
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