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Munson Fire 2019 Annual Report


The Munson Fire Department has grown from a volunteer fire service in 1952, to a combination full-time and part-time department of 27 members using state of the art firefighting and emergency medical equipment. Today the Fire Department provides a variety of emergency and non-emergency services. Services include fire suppression, paramedic level emergency medical services, hazardous materials response and incident mitigation, technical rescue, fire investigation, fire prevention, and public education, as well as the residential smoke detector and residential lock box program.

Throughout the history of the Fire Service, the statistics and responsibilities have changed dramatically, yet one thing remains the same; the men and women of the Munson Fire Department are committed to providing the highest level of service possible.

The mission of the Munson Fire Department is to protect life and property within the limits of Munson Township, by providing fire, emergency medical services, and public assistance. To operate safe, well organized, managed structure which shall treat all members fairly, and with the highest respect for serving the community.

The Department provided a wide array of both emergency and non-emergency services in 2019; and we continually evaluate all programs for effectiveness.

The remainder of this report includes further detailed information on the Munson Fire Department activities for 2019 responses. Information will be provided in several areas, such as Fire Prevention, Emergency and Non-emergency Services. Fire Administration would be happy to provide answers to any further questions regarding this report in more detail.

Organization and Restructuring

2019 saw significant changes in the Training Division of Munson Fire Department. Munson Fire Department conducted it’s first live burn in over twenty years. The Training Division recognized some deficiencies; plans were developed to restructure the Training Division. Munson Fire Department recognized that no one individual could perform all the training required of current mandates across three shifts. These mandates are required by different state agencies, industry required mandates and or other regulatory bodies. Munson Fire Department now has one training coordinator with two other shift trainers. This provides training coverage and assist in the overall Mission of the Munson Fire Department.

Training Highlights

Munson Fire Department participated in an inhouse training with Elkhart Brass; this training was to calculate fire flows; make recommendations to equipment for improve water and service capability.

Munson Fire Department participated in several joint trainings with Chardon Fire Department, Chester Twp. Fire Department and Hambden Fire Department. Topics and disciplines covered were auto extrication, use of air bags and vehicle stabilization, firefighter rescue, fire attack and ice rescue techniques.

Munson Fire Department had three employees complete paramedic school. Four more personnel registered and are enrolled in paramedic school.

Our training coordinator completed the EMS Instructor certification. All three Captains have completed Blue Card Online Training and two full time personnel completed the state fire and life safety inspector certification.

Fire Prevention

During 2019 the fire prevention bureau conducted 194 fire inspections. These inspections were conducted during normal hours of business at commercial and or special use occupancies.

  • 103 Fire Inspections
  • 43 Second or follow up inspections
  • 13 Noncompliance inspections
  • 25 Kitchen hood Suppression System Tests
  • 10 Fire Sprinkler Suppression Systems Tests

Fire Prevention also held six fire extinguisher classes, educating 89 individuals on the use of PASS (pull, aim, squeeze and sweep).

Munson Fire Department Issued 179 Burn Permits during the 2019 year.

Fire Prevention attended three classes for continuing education. Topics of this continuing education pertained to Carbon Dioxide Dispensing Systems, Sprinkler Systems and Agritourism.

Accomplishments for 2019 include the installation of the radio repeater system in the Jennings Apartment building. This system was extremely expensive and enhanced the safety to our firefighters and community.

Recent Calls

11630 Pinehurst Munson Twp. - Structure Fire at 11630 Pinehurst

At 21:19 hours on 10/26/2019 Munson Fire Department personnel with the assistance of Chardon Fire Department, Chester Twp. Fire Department and Hambden Fire Department were dispatched to a residential structure fire.

Munson Fire Department transmitted what eventually became a two-alarm fire, rendering assistance of numerous area fire departments, eventually bringing this fire under control yet remaining on scene till 00:56 hours.

The structure did sustain substantial damage and displaced the residents. No firefighter or civilian injuries were reported. The damage to the residence was in excess of $365,000 plus contents lost in the fire.

10700 Cedar Road Munson Twp. - Structure Fire at 10700 Cedar Rd.

At 20:15 hours on 11/1/ 2019 Munson Fire Department personnel with the assistance of Chardon Fire Department, Chester Twp. Fire Department, and Hamden Fire Department were dispatched to the area of for a residential structure fire. A passerby had called in the fire not knowing the exact address of the fire. The fire had substantial headway already burning thru the roof, contributing to the extensive damage of the fire. The fire displaced the residents and caused an estimated $375,000 in damage. This fire had no firefighter injuries but did claim the lives of two pet dogs who perished in the fire.

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