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The Munson Fire Department Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

 The Munson Fire Department is dedicated to the safety and protection of our community’s quality of life from all hazards through a well-trained, professional, rapid response team, seeking opportunities to serve and placing others before the department.

The Munson Fire Department is and will continue to be a community focused, value centered, modern and credible fire protection service serving the citizens of Munson Township.

The Munson Fire Department achieves its vision by building upon a system of values. We uphold professionalism as our core value. Our defining values also include: Integrity, Compassion, Service Excellence.

Professionalism:Our core value of professionalism defines who we are. We believe our chosen career is an upstanding and sound service to the community we serve. We take our role seriously and do all that we can to be a positive role model to the future generations.

Integrity:We believe in living by moral and ethical principles. We demonstrate our values by the way we our lives in the public’s eye and in the confines of the fire station walls.

Compassion:We believe in caring for our community members who are suffering from tragic events in their lives and do all that is in our power to assist in stabilizing the situation with a merciful attitude.

Service Excellence:We believe in providing the best possible service to the community where we live and work and do all we can to meet the needs of our neighbors through a humble, competent, and well trained efficient team.

Mike Vatty, Fire Chief

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