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Munson Fire Training 2019

2019 Fire Highlights

Munson Fire Department is ever growing, throughout the year the Department participated in drills both joint (with other departments) and independently. Here are some of the 2019 highlights.
Munson Fire Department participated in trainings with Best Sand. These included Hose advancement, search and rescue, RIT exercises (Rapid intervention team) and live fire trainings. Hands on training is the best form of training a Firefighter can participate in. With the help of Best Sand this was accomplished.

Munson Fire Department along with the Chardon Fire Department participated in three days of Auto Extrication classes. This was instructed by an outside instructor (Adam Georskey) and with the help of Interstate Towing, Munson fire obtained three vehicles to help with the hands-on training both with the hydraulic tools and with the newly purchased air bags system.
Munson Fire Department was fortunate to have Elkhart Brass conduct an inhouse training involving new nozzles for fire attack and assist with hose / water calculations custom to the needs of Munson Fire Department.

The Chardon Fire Department invited Munson Fire Department to participate in a joint drill involving an acquired structure in the City of Chardon. New hires at the Munson Fire Department got to get hands on training in valuable personal life safety techniques taught by Fire instructors from Chardon Fire Department and Munson Fire Department.
Munson Fire Department was invited to attend the Live fire training hosted by the Parkman Fire Department. Crews who attended the class got hands on Fire attack training (As required for recertification through the state of Ohio.)
New hires of the Munson Fire Department (FF Henderson FF D’Aurielo and FF Dureiko) participated in a live fire exercise conducted at the Akron State university.
Yearly Ice Rescue classes were held at the Bass Lake park. During the training Munson Fire Department was joined by the Geauga Park District Police. Members participated in Ice Rescue techniques including the use of the Ice Rescue sled, Ice / Cold water suits. This is a yearly training conducted by the Munson Fire Department for its members so that we are always refreshed in the procedures of ice rescue.
FF Dureiko represented Munson Fire Department as he attended classes in both Portland and Columbus in regards to Firemanship. FF Dureiko bought back many of good talking points and much knowledge from the classes he attended at both.

Growth within the Munson Fire Department

Fire Chief Mike Vatty Completed his OFE (Ohio Fire Executive) this is a tedious Three-year program designed for Fire Officers. Munson Fire Department is honored to have a Fire Chief with this training.
FF Ferroni completed his EMS-I certification (Emergency Medical Service instructor).
Captain Gray and FF Sustar completed Fire Safety inspector certifications.
Captains Meros, Hartman, and Gray completed the Blue Card program. This is a training provided to firefighters designed to manage NIMS type 4 and 5 IDLH incident operations. This is a great accomplishment for the Command staff of the Munson Fire Department.
Munson Fire Department welcomed three new Paramedics to the roster. FF Dorsky, FF Neary, and FF D’Aurelio. This is a huge achievement to both the Department and the Township we serve. Munson Fire Department also congratulated the acceptance of four part time Firefighters to various 2020 Paramedic programs. FF Courtot, FF Pettry, FF Henderson, and FF Kuntz.

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